Sunday, 27 July 2014

Using Blooms Taxonomy to Hook Readers

Over the past few months I have been exploring the use of reading followup activities in my programme. I have realised that my students have a love for reading and have been hooked into reading a range of books. However, in my classroom reading programme I have found that the followup tasks set for the students can either make or break their motivation or love of the book. If the followup task is too short or simple they become easily bored. If it is too challenging they have been demotivated to push through and solve the problem.

So, I have been looking at creating tasks based around Blooms Taxonomy. As soon as I have taken the time to assess my activities against Blooms Taxonomy and checked that it is cognitively engaging the students have been immediately hooked.

Here is an example of a followup that my students have been working on.

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