Sunday, 30 March 2014

Helping Students to Choose Appropriate Books

I became aware that during the silent reading time some boys were trying to read books that were not engaging and were a waste of valuable learning time. So, as a way to help fix this problem and to hopefully help the boys in my class to choose more appropriate books, my team and I went to Whitcoulls on a book finding mission. After an hour or so we managed to find around 50 titles that we thought would both challenge and motivate our boys.

My question now it how do I sell these books to my boys? How can I make these as exciting as possible? My main hope is that they get so hooked into these books that they are looking to continue their reading at home.

I am really looking forward to creating more mini libraries of books to help hook my class into reading.


  1. They could make their own 1 minute movie trailers based on what they have read?

    1. Thanks Karen - great idea! I have been thinking something similar but a trailer could be much more effective!